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We’re champions for arts and culture, keeping it top-of-mind as policy makers think through decisions. We promote favorable legislation toward arts and culture, including public funding, but we don’t stop there. A few examples of successful arts policy include the artist live-work overlay district in Cleveland, the percent-for-art program, arts programming in Cleveland’s recreation centers and tiered admissions-tax requirements for local music venues. Visit the Action Center to see you can help and connect with your representatives.


Analyzing Government Policy

We stay apprised of the political environment. We research and analyze policy and how it affects arts and culture.


Building Government Relationships

We seek, build and maintain good working relationships with public officials at every level, primarily including the executive and legislative branches of the City of Cleveland, its suburbs and Cuyahoga County. We also have strong relationships with state and federal government officials. Our first aim as advocates is to understand governmental priorities. From there, we can help inform leaders of opportunities related to arts and culture policy. We create government champions for the arts. We promote government structures leading to arts-friendly policy creation and adoption.

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Keeping Up with National Context

We keep an eye and an ear out for arts policies and initiatives in cities that look like Cleveland. We encourage and enable ongoing communication with other arts-service organizations in the Midwest so that we can learn and grow together as a region. We share our knowledge. We learn and work with Ohio Citizens for the Arts and Americans for the Arts, among many other groups, because Cleveland, while distinct, is not alone.

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Connecting Arts and Culture with Other Sectors

We promote the benefits of including and investing in arts and culture in other sectors, such as community development, health care, public safety, youth development and economic development. We’re always looking for more ways to be inclusive, which helps us see overlaps in goals, understand the mutual benefits of working together and determine policies that support us all. View publications on past and current explorations on Creative Compass.

Staffing the NEO Arts and Culture Caucus

The Art Caucus is a multi-jurisdictional group of elected and appointed public officials. Government leaders opt-in to receive arts-policy updates and discuss where the arts can be a community partner. They review, discuss and champion policies in support of arts and culture. We support and work with the community to identify policies and present them to caucus members.

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Polling the Community

We discover, monitor and report on local public opinion toward arts and culture. Investments in this sector require that communities see and value the power of arts and culture.