Since it began its work in 1997, this organization has been shaped by the rigorous efforts of numerous team members. The tasks they've accomplished have run the gamut, from doing research, prepping documents and holding meetings to advising staff, maintaining budgets and triple-checking every document that’s left the office.

Some have come and gone; others have come and stayed.

The jobs and tenures varied, but from our inception to the present, the staff’s unifying focus was and is its passion for arts and culture — and for what this sector can accomplish.

Today, the current staff and a deeply engaged Board of Trustees are catalysts creating connections between and among individuals, organizations and communities, within and outside of the arts and culture sector.

What Arts Cleveland is = who Arts Cleveland is.

Board of Trustees

President/CEO, Panzica Construction Company
Vice Chair
CEO,  Western Reserve Historical Society
Head of Key Family Wealth, executive managing director, KeyBank N.A.
Executive Director of Local Government and Community Relations, Case Western Reserve University
VP, Senior Client Advisor Private Banking, Registered Investment Representative, The Huntington Investment Company
Executive Director
United Labor Agency
Executive Vice President,
The Adcom Group
Managing Director,
Cleveland Play House
Vice President, Project Management and Site selection, JobsOhio Regional Office of Team Northeast Ohio (Team NEO)
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Abigail Del Rio

Business Manager

Phone: (216) 575-0331, x126

Abby Del Rio’s feelings about arts and culture don’t fit the narrowly stereotypic outlook of a numbers-driven bean counter. “Life without the arts would be pretty boring,” she says, pointing out that there’s more to life than just one’s daily, prosaic routine. “I definitely appreciate [live theater],” she adds, and her amateur interest in drawing is serious enough that she’s taken classes to acquire some technique training.



Kristen Levy

Development Manager

Phone: (216) 575-0331, x122

Kristen Levy wasn’t born and raised in Cleveland, but she’s been here her entire adult life (excepting a four-year sojourn to Los Angeles), and she’s “definitely a Clevelander,” she states. Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Kristen moved northeast in 2002 to attend Case Western Reserve University.



Meg Matko

Community Relations Manager

Phone: (216) 575-0331, x123

Meg Matko’s interest in artists and in arts and culture is personal — she’s a visual artist herself. “I know what it is to go to art school and graduate not knowing how to survive as an artist,” she remembers. And trying to figure out how to make a semblance of a living wage while also staying committed to her artwork wasn’t easy: ...



Kristin Puch

Senior Researcher

Phone: (216) 575-0331, x124

Kristin Puch’s perspective on arts and culture is perhaps more numeric than aesthetic — as a researcher, she looks at arts and culture through the lens of data. “Data infuses all the work we do,” she says. “It’s a tool for understanding what’s going well [in the sector] and what the challenges are.”


arts cleveland

LeAundra Richardson

Associate of Programs and Marketing

Phone: (216) 575-0331, x132

LeAundra Richardson discovered her love for music early — she began piano lessons at age six and was playing violin with her school orchestra by fifth grade. “I was just always talented at [music] and enjoyed it,” the Oberlin, Ohio, native says of her germinal attraction to and immersion in the arts.



Valerie Schumacher

Acting Managing Director

Phone: (216) 575-0331, x128

Valerie Schumacher feels a gravitational pull toward drawing. Not surprisingly, her major at Baldwin Wallace University was studio art and arts management. She’s also studied photography, including at Italy’s Umbra Institute, and has won awards for her work in that medium, but although she enjoys shooting pictures, she just isn’t as attracted to it as she is to process of “putting charcoal to paper."