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Artists to Engage with County Residents

2016 Creative Workforce Fellowship Recipients Share September 2016 Programming

Cleveland, OH (SEPTEMBER, 2016)— Forty Cuyahoga County artists are each required to engage residents in at least one public activity as part of a Creative Workforce Fellowship. With the grant, managed by the Community Partnership for Arts and Culture (CPAC), many artists are already going above and beyond that call. In September 2016, participate with these highly-skilled creative professionals who received one of the $15,000 Creative Workforce Fellowships at any of the following events, or view some of their latest work online as it becomes available.


September 9: Dance Showcase: Movement artist and Creative Workforce Fellow, Megan Young will perform “Space for Myself,” a physical-digital solo exploring identity creation and feedback loops at Playhouse Square’s Dance Showcase. 

September 9: F*SHO: Furniture designer and Creative Workforce Fellow, Freddy Hill will be showcasing his work at Cleveland’s contemporary furniture show, along with work from dozens of local designers.

September 10: Cleveland Public Theatre’s Pandemonium 2016: Creative Workforce Fellow and theatre artist, Holly Holsinger will be performing new work at Cleveland Public Theatre’s annual fundraising extravaganza and “Party of the Year” Pandemonium: The Fire Within. The event transforms the CPT campus into a labyrinth of theatre, dance, visual art and performance in every corner. 

September 14: Creative Writing Workshop:If you’ve always wanted to write (or are feeling rusty) and don’t know where to start, this class will provide creative inspiration.  With support and guidance from Creative Workforce Fellow and poet Darlene Montonaro, we’ll help you on the writing path. No former experience necessary. 

September 14: Brews + Prose: Co-director and Creative Workforce Fellow, Dave Lucas teams up with the Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards to present "An Evening with Rita Dove and Friends." The event is free but registration is required. Join the group the first Tuesday of every month to find out why literature is better with beer.  

September 15: The Last Day:Theatre artist and Creative Workforce Fellow, Jeremy Paul will premiere Theatre Ninja’s latest interactive story, The Last Day. Like walking inside a three-dimensional novel, this interactive experience creates a rich universe inside a series of rooms filled with lost letters, sketches of fantastic beasts and lands, postcards from unseen spirits, missing memories, and exotic artifacts.

September 16: Sarah Kabot, Opening at Heights Arts Spotlight Gallery: A selection of Creative Workforce Fellow, Sarah Kabot’s collages from her NYT 2015series will be on view at Heights Arts through Saturday, October 29. Her collages reference the significance and subsequent insignificance placed on printed dramatic news. 

September 17: Community Jam Session with the Quiet Trance Ensemble: Join sound artists, composers and Creative Workforce Fellows, Christopher Auerbach-Brown and Bob Drake in an experimental community jam session at SPACES gallery. Free for anyone to attend, the only requirements are to bring a found object or two capable of making interesting sounds and an open mind. Be willing to engage openly in the improvisational process with the ensemble’s musicians. 

September 23-25: Unsuccessful Wrestling Exhibit: Movement artist and Creative Workforce Fellow, Megan Young will present interactive media and movement installation, Unsuccessful Wrestlingat this year’s Ingenuity Fest. The work includes a custom projection screen and green screen style foam floor mat. A ceiling mounted surveillance camera captures participants’ wrestling moves. That video is then layered with a prerecorded opponent and projected behind the participant. The set-up allows participants to see themselves battling, but it is intentionally disorienting. 

September 24: Transition and Transformation Writing Workshops:Two workshops for writers will be taught by Creative Workforce Fellow and poet, Darlene Montonaro. Workshops, The Road of Transformation: Old Endings, New Beginningsand Life as a Work (of Art) In Progress, will focus on wellness, self-discovery and life transitions.

September 25: Ohio City Street Festival:Creative Workforce Fellow and theatre artist, Holly Holsinger will perform at the Ohio City Street Festival. This year’s free festival will feature arts and culture programming, live music, local food, drinks and family-friendly activities. 

September 26-27: Bus Stop Moves Launch Events:Do you wish it was easier to fit fitness into your daily routine? 2016 Creative Workforce Fellow, architect and artist Allison Lukacsy created Bus Stop Moves, consisting of visual health tips and exercises along the GCRTA lines. In Fall 2016 ten new shelter locations will pop up in Cleveland neighborhoods. Three launch events featuring free, fresh food and fitness activities led by local instructors will occur in Detroit Shoreway on Detroit Road and W.45th Street on Monday, September 26th at 3:30pm, Central-Kinsman at Kinsman Road and E.93rd Street on September 26th at 6:00pm and Slavic Village near the shelter at Broadway Avenue and E.55th Street on Tuesday, September 27th at 6pm. 


WHO RAY: Follow Ray Caspio’s journey of storytelling in this podcast featuring commentary on topics including the RNC and the Orlando/Pulse shooting through narrative and interviews. 

The Baron of Prospect Avenue: Derf Backderf posts new pages regularly as a free webcomic. The story picks up immediately after the events in PUNK ROCK & TRAILER PARKS. Follow the further adventures of Otto, aka The Baron, as he seeks love, adventure and triumph over his enemies! Read it as it’s created!

Behind the Sign: Ryan Jaenke and partners at Cleveland SGS are uncovering stories from some of Cleveland’s oldest local businesses. View all four episodes on their YouTube Channel 

A Concise Autobiography of Clarence Leone: Eric Gonzalez creates new electronic music as a classically-trained Cellist and composer. Listen to Agleam Music


September 8-11: Festival America Book Exposition: Comic artist and Creative Workforce Fellow, Derf Backderf will be a featured guest at the Festival America Book Exposition in Paris, France. 

September 10-11: Renegade Craft Fair:Creative Workforce Fellow, Lauren Herzak-Bauman is offering up her functional ceramic wares for sale at the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago’s Wicker Park.

September 17: Small Press Expo 2016: Comic artist and Creative Workforce Fellow, Derf Backderf will be exhibiting his work at the Small Press Expo in Washington, DC. The annual SPX comics and graphic arts festival presents the best and brightest established creators in independent comics.


For more information about CPAC’s Creative Workforce Fellowships visit For updates about Fellows’ events as they become available, visit or

For more information about the grants, hi-res photography or interview contacts, please contact Valerie Schumacher, 216-575-0331, x128.


About the Creative Workforce Fellowship

The Creative Workforce Fellowship is a program of CPAC that invests directly in Cuyahoga County artists. Funded disciplines include crafts, dance, design, literature, media, music, theatre and visual arts. Since 2009, 161 Cuyahoga County artists have received funding through the program. The Creative Workforce Fellowship is made possible by the residents of Cuyahoga County through a grant from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture. 

About Community Partnership for Arts and Culture (CPAC)

Community Partnership for Arts and Culture is a nonprofit organization in Cleveland, Ohio. CPAC serves and supports arts and culture professionals and community leaders who are working to create a brighter future for greater Cleveland. Through counsel, relationship building, research, programs and advocacy, CPAC works to strengthen, unify and connect greater Cleveland’s arts and culture sector. CPAC envisions greater Cleveland’s diverse arts and culture sector as a leading partner in contributing to our community’s vitality and enlivening the human experience. For more information, visit

About Cuyahoga Arts & Culture (CAC)

Cuyahoga Arts & Culture’s mission is to inspire and strengthen the community by investing in arts and culture. Cuyahoga County residents created Cuyahoga Arts & Culture in 2006 when they approved a tax on cigarettes to support arts and culture in our community. In 2015, the community affirmed its commitment to arts and culture by extending the tax through 2027 with Issue 8. Cuyahoga Arts & Culture has invested more than $140 million in more than 300 organizations to deliver on the promise made to support thousands of enriching arts and culture experiences in every corner of the county. In addition, CAC supported 161 Cuyahoga County artists through the Creative Workforce Fellowship since 2009. For more information, visit

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