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Arts and Culture Public Officials Breakfast 2015


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Arts & Culture Network Night

Arts & Culture Network Night

Oct 18, 2018 6-8 p.m.
Location: Near West Theatre, 6702 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44102
Categories: Community, Build Your Business
The purpose is to connect artists, folks from arts organizations and other creative people from throughout the county for mutual support and possible collective action.

Using Neighbor Up practices (designed to prime the room for positivity and engagement), the evening starts with "New & Good" where anyone can share something new and good happening in their lives. After a few people share their good news, the room buzzes with positive energy.

Then is "Business of the Network" when anyone in the room can propose a topic to discuss in small groups. In June, there were six discussions topics and people voted 'with their feet' and attended the one they were most interested in.

And lastly, during the "Marketplace" anyone can make a request for assistance or an offer. The night closes with "Bumping & Sparking," a time when participants can follow up with each other and make connections.