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this is a great moment

I was suddenly thrown back to my earlier days at CPAC, just before the age-old idea of integrating artists into community revitalization efforts was coined “creative placemaking.” CPAC and community organizers were discussing not only how artists can help revive communities, but how communities could give back to these artists. There was, and is, a clear understanding of the need to sustain growth without pricing out existing residents, which often includes people working in creative professions. Now that real estate professionals all over the state are recognizing Cleveland’s increasing property values--a result of any number of factors--some of the theories, I imagine, will be put to the test. In fact, a number of efforts that were set in motion in 2008-2010 have already proven themselves and grown in all the obvious neighborhoods, and some not so obvious ones.

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Five Ways to Support Our Friends in the Fall Election

If you’re a regular reader of the CultureForward blog, you’ll know that CPAC’s president Tom Schorgl recently pointed out why it’s important for the arts and culture sector to support our civic partners in the November election. Some of you may have come away from reading that post feeling energized and ready to get to work in those issue campaigns. However, you also may be wondering in the back of your minds if, as an arts and culture organization, you can support a ballot issue. And if so, how? Well, you CAN support these ballot issues and here are 5 ways you can do so now.

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Let Others In On The Secret

I’ve been living in the greater Cleveland area for 12 years. I moved here from Chicago to get my MBA at Case Western Reserve University in 2001. It wasn’t my intent to stay. In fact, I was heading to the East Coast. At least, that’s what I thought. During the course of my program, something changed. I began to understand and appreciate the depth and breadth of Cleveland’s arts and cultural sector, from its grassroots and individual elements to its institutional power houses. I fell in love with the natural elements too, access to Lake Erie, the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and the Emerald Necklace just to name a few. The affordability factor was definitely a positive. Excellent quality healthcare was also noteworthy. Growing up as I had in a Midwestern city, the industrial landscape felt like home. But the standout benefit of living in the Cleveland area could only be described in one word - opportunity. 

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