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Advocacy: Our Obligation

As nonprofits and artists, this idea may be overwhelming. Taking on more obligations as we work to serve our constituents through programs and services with limited resources is a challenge, to put it lightly. Advocacy is expensive and time-consuming, right? Especially as the federal government proposes policies that restrict the voices of nonprofits and the people we serve…but isn’t silence a disservice to those same amazing people who count on us? One answer to these questions might be that it doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming, and there are resources to help you join the public sector conversation.

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Move Social Causes Through Your Art

Last week a number of us participated in a Creative Capital webinar with nationally renowned artist and advocate Stephanie Bleyer of Six Foot Chipmunk. Immediately taken by her energy and passion for advancing social causes through her work, I was continually impressed by her ideas. I’ve seen some great examples of creative film being used to advance causes on the Daily DoGooder (if you’re not familiar, it cheers up my inbox each day), but Stephanie really got to how it’s all done from the ground up.

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The Perfect Standard

I’m reading a book right now, and those in the CPAC office know that when I’m reading a book, it becomes very difficult for me to contain my learning. I have to share it. In fact, it is not unusual for me to march right into Tom Schorgl's office in the morning, sit down and talk his ear off. It’s how I process things. It’s how I process what’s going on in the world around me too. And frankly, whatever your political persuasion, if you’re a community activist (publicly acknowledged or not), the sheer volume and complexity of issues we’re facing these days may seem overwhelming.

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