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Culture Pulse 2015

Culture Pulse 2015 Infographic

CPAC crunched the numbers – but your Cultural Data Project (CDP) profiles made it possible!

In Culture Pulse 2015, CPAC takes its annual snapshot of Cuyahoga County’s arts and culture nonprofits. The report focuses on the sector’s financial, human and infrastructure resources. This allows us to uncover strengths and potential challenges facing our arts and culture in the near-term. This year we’ve added an additional section that aggregates the information on participation and program offerings the CDP collects.

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Creative Minds in Medicine

About a year ago, I was asked to take a journey that had no set itinerary or final destination. I only received a general direction that said “write a paper on the intersection of arts and health in Cleveland.”

Being given free rein to explore such a vast topic is exciting, but it comes with the challenge of figuring out how to make sense of a myriad universe of knowledge that’s out there about it.

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A Prescription for Art

Imagine going to the doctor and being given a prescription for art.

For anyone who has ever experienced or been involved in the creation of art, it would come as no surprise because of the calming, therapeutic and transformative effect the arts can provide. The blending of arts and culture activities with the healthcare field produces powerful accounts of the way the arts can impact individuals beyond what standard medical practice can give.

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The Power of the Collective


I know I’m not alone when I say that for the last several weeks I found myself nerding out over all the Olympics coverage.  After all, I recently saw a headline that some 219.4 million viewers tuned in to watch the Games this summer making it the most watched event in U.S. television history. For me, I especially love watching all the team events – 

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Telling a Research Story

When’s the last time you looked forward to reading a research paper?  You know the type – it has a title that’s a paragraph long, pages filled with statistical hieroglyphics, and it’s so heavy it threatens to topple over your desk when it lands there. Your next step is probably one of the following:

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