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Expanding Your Audience

Back in November 2018, we held a 2-day Accessibility workshop to help arts and culture organizations learn how to make their content more accessible to people with disabilities. We brought in Erin Hoppe, VSA Ohio, to speak on the first day, and she gave a very detailed presentation on all the pieces involved in making an organization’s marketing materials more accessible.

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Play It Forward Cleveland!

Join Cleveland City Councilman Kevin Conwell, The Cleveland Orchestra, Arts Cleveland, Center for Arts-Inspired Learning and the Cleveland Metropolitan School District to Play It Forward Cleveland! The goal of Play It Forward Cleveland! is to give children the pride, the joy, and the lifetime benefits music-making provides. The first instrument donation drive is a pilot for Ward 9 children in Glenville, with the intention of expanding the drive in the future. 

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Arts, Youth, Neighborhoods: A Conversation with Donald Black Jr.

compass home

A few weeks ago, we had a premiere event for our short documentary, At Its Very Best. The work was created by local artist, Donald Black Jr., and shares on the impact of violence and what the arts can do in the lives of those affected by trauma. This is shown in the short piece through interviews with youth, educators, healthcare providers and public safety experts.

After the 13-minute video was shown at the event, Black spoke on his experience creating the video and then asked for audience members thoughts on the piece.

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Policy Update

Early voting in Ohio started yesterday. There are quite a few items on the ballot, so be informed as you make your way to the polls. Click below for a few ballot items you might see.

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Arts Learning and Education Research: What Are We Up To?

As you might have seen in the flurry of communication about all things new for us (new name, new strategic plan, new logo, new set of work imperatives), Arts Cleveland is also igniting a new focus on the arts learning and education ecosystem. This is exciting work, but anyone who works in this field, knows it’s a monstrous area of study, with lots of players, variables and unknowns.

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Understanding the past to build the future

Today we released “Elevating the Influence of Arts and Culture.” 

Cover of Elevating the Influence of Arts and Culture

The playbook is a story of our recent local arts and cultural history with which some of us may be more familiar than others. And in a time when we all would like to look forward, the famous quote by George Santayana applies: “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

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You'll want to hear this

"A strong arts and culture sector for a stronger community..." what does that mean to you? We have strong opinions as individuals, but one thing is clear; no matter what role you think arts and culture should play in our communities, those assets must be strong in order to perform any role at all. Megan Van Voorhis came out in full force last week to give you a flavor of her vision as our new president and CEO. That message was preceded by some incredible insights from two public leaders who care deeply about their communities and understand the unique roles arts and culture play in the lives of those they serve.

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Spring Update

As changes are happening all over Cleveland’s arts and culture communities, we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes. Megan has been establishing our next set of strategic objectives as she grows and understands the lay of the land from a new perspective. She’s meeting with leaders all over Cleveland, following development of the changes at Cuyahoga Arts & Culture and keeping up on local issues -- we send our best to Jill Paulsen as she works with the CAC board during this transition. We’ve also spotted a new notebook dedicated to all Megan's ideas that is piquing our curiosity, though we know we have a lot to do before we get to sharing. And these are just a few of our most pressing tasks for defining our future. 

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On the Subject of Navel Gazing

What’s one of the best ways to find out what someone needs? Ask them.

Community conversations are a bit on trend these days, which we think is a good thing (asking people what they need instead of telling them what they need seems like a super idea for obvious reasons). Back in February of this year, we launched 4 public planning conversations to help inform our organizational direction. But CPAC isn’t the only organization going out into the field recently to collect community feedback on organizational work and practices. We’ve seen Gordon Square Arts District, Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, Cuyahoga Arts & Culture and the Cleveland Foundation all using similar methods to direct what they do and how they do it.

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