Virtual Artist Meet-up – Weekly Video Call

May 06, 2020 12:00PM—1:00PM

Cost 0.0

Wearing all the hats…for years, artists have been redefining the creative career path, providing a multitude of projects that enable them to create and earn a living through their unique skills. COVID-19 has both thrown a wrench in those projects while forcing those same artists to create new avenues and outlets.  Let’s talk about what all that is like right now. Has it been a much needed break? A devastating blow? A little of both? Or do we just not know yet the full scope of the pandemic’s impact?

We’re hosting virtual meet-ups at 12 p.m., noon every Wednesday during the COVID-19 pandemic to learn from one another and connect. Drop in and listen, talk, turn your video off or keep it on, it’s up to you. The only rule is to keep the convo supportive. The rest is up to the group.

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