Thank you for considering making a contribution to Arts Cleveland.

Cuyahoga County is a thriving hub of world-class arts and culture. Arts Cleveland works to ensure that the arts and culture that makes our community great continues to flourish for generations to come.

Your gift supports...

  • Research:

    We monitor and report on the state and impact of arts and culture, providing a foundation of understanding for artists, arts and culture organizations, local government, other sectors and our community as a whole. Our research validates the importance of creative industries in our economy.

  • Strategy:

    We arm people in the arts and culture, funding and policy-making sectors with information to help them make decisions, solve problems and allocate resources to accomplish their long-term objectives concerning arts and culture.

  • Connections:

    We maintain relationships in and outside of arts and culture to identify shared interests and objectives.

  • Advocacy:

    We monitor the political environment, build relationships with elected and appointed leaders, analyze policy and promote favorable legislation toward arts and culture.


Your support ensures that we’re able to continue to be the advocate, ambassador and ally for and with arts and culture in greater Cleveland.