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Advocacy Training

Improve your skills as an arts advocate. We can conduct on-site advocacy training sessions for a group, staff or board. We can provide a broad overview or dive deep into a topic based on your needs and discipline. Creative businesses, cultural organizations and artists can do a lot to keep arts and culture in the minds of policy makers.

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Arts Advocacy Group

This group of volunteers organizes and activates the arts and cultural field around current policy issues facing the sector. The group is also designed to open lines of communication between government leadership and the arts community and mobilize vocal arts supporters in all contexts. Meetings are free and open to all.


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Arts + Culture Caucus

This is a multi-jurisdictional group of elected and appointed public officials. Government leaders opt-in to receive arts-policy updates and discuss where the arts can be a community partner. They review, discuss and champion policies in support of arts and culture. We support the community-driven Arts + Culture Advocacy Group to identify policies and present them to caucus members.

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Think big. Think sector-wide planning, cultural districts, connections between arts and… you name it. For advice tailored to your community or industry, including research, public-policy strategy, local public funding or creative intersections, contact us to set up an introductory phone call. Learn more about the team.


Counsel and Connections

Ask for help. We meet with artists and organizations on a wide variety of issues related to arts activities. Plus, if we’re not the right people to talk to, we can point you in the direction of the folks who are. Start with a brief initial discussion. This might result in focused advice, pertinent research or connections to relevant individuals and organizations. If you need more in-depth support, we can work with you to tailor services at a cost that fits your budget.


Creative Compass

Find local opportunities for artists, all in one place. Creative Compass is more than a website. It’s a resource center filled with tools and live listings of available space, jobs, calls for artists, grants, workshops and more. Each section includes a guide to help artists leverage their creative skills monetarily and socially. It’s got information on all the things artists may need to support their art-making.

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Research Services

Illuminate the value of your work through data. Do you need help explaining your impact or making the case for why a funder should invest in you? Do you need information to better define your next arts initiatives or to develop as an arts and cultural organization? Research on arts and culture can be daunting and sometimes hard to find. We have tools and skills to help you find the credible information you need to make a well-informed decision about your next steps.



Join the conversation. We facilitate dialogues on many topics for the arts and culture community. Sometimes a roundtable event is a small group discussing a niche topic. Other times, it’s a packed room debating sector-wide subjects. Whether we’re there to learn together or talk about the issues, we’re always aiming to help members of the arts and culture community grow stronger together. View News to see what’s on the horizon. Sign up for email newsletters for content on related topics.


Public Officials Recognition Breakfast

Attend the annual Public Officials Recognition Breakfast. It’s designed to recognize leadership that has adopted arts and culture policy and strengthened or built relationships among arts and government professionals. This annual event is an opportunity to share important messages about arts and culture.


View the 2019 Arts and Culture Honor Roll


State-of-the-Field Research

Explore information about the state of and the impact of arts and culture in the research library on Creative Compass. We provide you with data as well as recommendations for action based on the trends we’re seeing. All this material is designed to help you make better and more-informed strategic decisions. Sign up for email newsletters to receive data briefs and research findings when they are released.