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Public Officials Recognition Breakfast, June 15, 2018




Arts & Culture Roundtable

Individually, we can make a statement. Together, we can build a movement. 

As a community, the arts and culture sector has impacted the lives of countless individuals. Throughout the region, it has actively created a sense of unity that one organization, one artist, one company, can tap into for the support of an entire workforce, with the understanding that we share a common goal.

Arts Cleveland facilitates the Arts and Culture Roundtable as a way for representatives from the arts and culture community to come together informally to discuss these common issues. We’ve seen that convening as a sector can create substantial results. Together, the voices of arts and culture gained public sector funding to support their organizations and individual artists. The arts and cultural roundtable is open to all. It assembles not only to discuss the issues the sector is facing, but to create solutions that benefit the entire community. 

Meetings are free and are intended to engage the community on a variety of time-sensitive topics. View Archived Roundtables.

We welcome any ideas for convening an Arts and Culture Roundtable so please contact us by phone at (216) 575-0331 or by email

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