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Local Public Sector Funding

Individual Artist Support

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The History of Public Sector Funding

Prior to 2006, local public sector funding for arts and culture was limited in size and scope. Today, Cuyahoga County has a dedicated source of arts and culture support through a countywide cigarette excise tax generating millions of dollars annually. How did Cuyahoga County go from having one of the lowest levels of local public sector arts and culture support in the United States to one of the highest? It all comes down to a 10-year drive led by Arts Cleveland and the support of a dedicated core group of funders, advocates and legislators.


Vote for Arts and Culture from ACAC 2015 on Vimeo

In 1997, a regional planning process brought the community together and helped to establish a baseline of information about the value and impact of arts and culture. Northeast Ohio’s Arts and Culture Plan was released in 2000, and over the next three years, the arts and culture sector began to interact in new ways with local public officials. In 2003, Cuyahoga County Commissioners formed the Cuyahoga County Cultural Leadership Taskforce – a blue ribbon panel designed to develop models for the distribution of local public sector funds should a revenue source be adopted.

In 2004, advocates had their first opportunity to test arts and culture support with voters. Issue 31 was a joint economic development and arts and culture ballot issue, which would have provided arts and culture with a $10 million annual investment through a property tax. The issue failed by a margin of 3 points. Due to its slim defeat, public officials continued to work with advocates to identify a source of support for the County’s arts and culture sector. They also provided additional support to arts and culture through a program modeled off the Cultural Leadership Taskforce’s work, Cuyahoga County’sArts and Culture as Economic Development Grants. Finally, through a series of state legislative changes, a regional arts and cultural district was formed in Cuyahoga County. In 2006, Cuyahoga County voters approved a ten-year increase in the cigarette excise tax in support of arts and culture. This excise tax will need to be renewed sometime before its expiration in 2016.

Made possible by the generous support of Cuyahoga County residents through Cuyahoga Arts & Culture

Proceeds from the cigarette excise tax are distributed through a regional arts and cultural district, Cuyahoga Arts & Culture in the form of grants to arts and cultural organizations. The agency is governed by a board appointed by the Cuyahoga County Executive and ratified by Cuyahoga County Council. For more information on Cuyahoga Arts & Culture, and to join their mailing list, visit

What can you do?

  • Stay informed
  • attend a CAC meeting
  • sign up to receive Arts Cleveland email newsletters and subscribe to the blog
  • Participate in Arts and Culture Roundtables
  • If you are a recipient of funds from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture or a re-granting program it funds such as Neighborhood Connections, spread the word to family, friends and local, state and federal legislators about the important role local public sector funding plays in your work.

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