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HB557, Art Therapy Licensure

Bill, H.B. 557 is a very significant step for art therapy as an industry. It requires the Ohio State Medical Board to adopt rules to implement and administer the licensure of art therapists. It also creates the Art Therapist Policy Committee within the Board, which is required to provide the Board with expertise, assistance, and recommendations in carrying out these duties.

Read more about HB557 here

Supporters of Art Therapy are encouraged to write letters and testify in front of the House on Wednesday, May 23, 2018.

Be sure to include the following points and considerations in either your in-person testimony or written letter: 

  • Make your testimony generally around 5 minutes
  • Thank Representative Anielski for being the sponsor
  • Thank the chairman, vice-chair, ranking members of the committee
  • Provide a brief intro of yourself
  • Provide some background and the importance of art therapy
  • Provide 1 or 2 examples of positive benefits or results you have seen from art therapy
  • Address any concerns raised by opponents
  • Offer to answer any questions from the committee 

Previous letters of support that you have written can be added, but these need to be updated to be addressed to Chairman Huffman and the Members of the Ohio House Health Committee

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