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Public Officials Recognition Breakfast, June 15, 2018




Cleveland Admissions Tax

The City of Cleveland admissions tax has received a lot of attention over the last twelve months due to the impact of greater enforcement efforts by the City of Cleveland. Increased enforcement of existing taxes adopted by the City of Cleveland, including but not limited to the admissions tax, was called for by a recent study. It was commissioned by the City of Cleveland as a means for increasing collections for municipal operations. The admissions tax calls for an 8% tax on amounts paid for admission to any place defined by the code and was adopted in 2007 when a prior tax was repealed.


Live music presenters, particularly small music clubs, have been affected by the increased enforcement. Some are working with the City to resolve sizeable back tax issues. Small music clubs are seeking relief from the tax due to their small scale and the economic burdens associated with administering the tax when compared to their community and economic impact.

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