Accessibility Survey Live through November 22

How accessible is arts and culture?

National Endowment for the Arts gave us a grant at the start of 2018 to research arts and cultural accessibility for people with disabilities. The study is targeted to Cuyahoga County activities. We’ve been hard at work, and now we need your help.

  • Please ask your audiences to provide their feedback using this link. No organizations or activities will be identified in anything we publish. We will aggregate the data, and render any specific quotes anonymous.
  • If you have a disability or provide care for a person with a disability, please take this survey.

This survey includes questions about the experiences of people with disabilities at Cuyahoga County’s arts and culture events, programs and venues. We welcome residents outside of the area to take the survey if they attend arts and culture events in Cuyahoga County.

If you’d like assistance completing this survey, please contact Meg Matko by email or phone at 216-575-0331, x123.

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