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Artists in Residence

Artists helping the neighborhood. The neighborhood helping artists.

North Shore Collinwood

The North Shore Collinwood neighborhood falls within the boundaries of the dark line on this map.

Greater Cleveland is positioning itself as a laboratory for rethinking how slow-growth cities can prosper. Initiatives like Reimagining Cleveland, Pop Up Cleveland and the Cuyahoga County Land Reutilization Corporation are advancing new ideas in community development. Cleveland is reinventing itself. Enter Artists in Residence. The program starts by applying lessons from Rust Belt to Artist Belt and Arts Cleveland’s extensive artist space research, all within a single neighborhood. After a competitive site selection process, Northeast Shores Development Corporation in the North Shore Collinwood neighborhood was selected by a panel of local and national urban development and arts professionals. It is now serving as a laboratory for developing these concepts and increasing artists’ engagement with non-artist residents.

The $500,000 initiative seeks to increase artists’ access to affordable space within Cleveland and to develop a replicable model for increasing artists’ participation in the revitalization of other neighborhoods and other industrial cities. It has five main components:

  1. an artist housing loan pool in partnership with NoteWorthy Federal Credit Union
  2. a community grants program to explore how artists can engage with non-artist residents
  3. incentive funding for homeownership service providers and other consultants through our national contacts
  4. a comprehensive marketing effort
  5. support supplies and services, such as travel and mailing expenses and a full-time two-year project manager

Visit Welcome to Collinwood to learn more.


Artists in Residence is a special initiative of Arts Cleveland and Northeast Shores made possible through the generous support of:

Leveraging Investments in Creativity, The Kresge Foundation, Ford Foundation, NoteWorthy Federal Credit Union, The Educational Foundation of America, The George Gund Foundation, KeyBank Foundation and Charter One Growing Communities

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