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Production still from "Broken Codes" - Theatre Ninjas


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2016 Fellows

2016 Creative Workforce Fellowships

The 2016 Creative Workforce Fellowships are the first year in which artists in all disciplines were funded through the program at once. They can be grouped and characterized in any number of ways--environmentalists, social activists, instigators of collective joy--yet they are each distinct in their own practice.  From work focused on safety, violence and war to racial, gender and sexual identity, these artists are presenting a new lens and safe space to explore our world.

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Using Their Craft, Artists Breathe New Life Into History, Myth and Tradition: Julie Andrijeski, Simone Barros, Alison Garrigan, Dave Lucas and Renee Schilling

Reflecting: Cleveland Artists Muse on Issues of Identity and Human Experience: Amy Breau, Ray Caspio, Darlene Montanaro, Imad Rahman, Mary Robles, Darius Steward and Nathan Ward

Cleveland Artists Define Their City Through Narratives of Hope and Grit: Derf Backderf, Dana Depew, John G., Ryan Jaenke, Allison Lukacsy-Love, Paul Sobota and Chris Webb

Cleveland Area Artists Confront Socio-Political Paradigms Head On: Kathy Buszkiewicz, Michael Garriga, Jakob Hochendoner, Holly Holsinger, Sarah Kabot, Irina Koukhanova, Darice Polo and Pandora Robertson

Nature, Technology and Social Systems: Artists Dissect the Patters that Surround Us: Bob Drake, Eric M. C. Gonzalez, Jeremy Paul, Kevin Kautenburger and Megan Young

Form and Function: Cleveland Artists Illustrate Wide-Ranging Impact on Audiences: Christopher Auerbach-Brown, Christi Birchfield, Freddy Hill, Lauren Herzak-Bauman, Jimmy Kuehnle, Rebecca Leuszler, Annika Sheaff and Catherine Wing

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