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Production still from "Broken Codes" - Theatre Ninjas


Our Programs


2013 Fellows

Kristen Cliffel Brandon Juhasz Liz Maugans Barry Underwood
Andy Curlowe Mimi Kato Valerie Mayén Gary Williams
Gary Dumm Andrea Levy Dru McKeown Gadi Zamir
Virgie Ezelle-Patton Michelangelo Lovelace Laura Paglin Olga Ziemska
Colleen Fraser Christine Mauersberger Sarah Paul Zena Zipporah

Seth Rosenberg Prize Recipients

Chris Comella                  Todd Pownell

panel review process

The Panel Review took place October 15-16, 2012. You can find recordings of the review on our Ustream channel under the "videos" tab to the right. Please review this Audience Handout for information about the review process and the 2013 panelists. The above artists were reviewed by CPAC's Board of Trustees on December 7, 2012.

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