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Production still from "Broken Codes" - Theatre Ninjas


Our Programs


2011 Fellows

Of 310 craft, design, media and visual applications, the following artists were selected as the finalists. As these artist began their one-year, $20,000 fellowship on January 1, 2011, their commitment to Cuyahoga County was clear. The group had a great representation of styles, focus and career levels as Fellows ranged from emerging design and comic artists to established artists working in metal, glass or clay. Some bring a global influence to greater Cleveland, while others are inspired by the industrial landscapes and personality of Cuyahoga County. All of these individuals are directly contributing to the community through their work.


2011 Fellows

Seth Rosenberg Prize recipients

The Creative Workforce Fellowship is made possible through a grant from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture. In-kind support for the 2011 Fellowship video catalog, has been provided by Paul Sobota Photography.

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