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Creative Minds in Medicine Conference

Setting a shared agenda

Download takeaways and next steps from the final session of the conference.

October 29 and 30, 2014 - Global Center for Health Innovation

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The Global Center for Health Innovation serves health and health care innovation, education and commerce through state-of-the-art spaces, programs and virtual offerings while building on the rich heritage and distinctive capability of Northeast Ohio health care.

Greater Cleveland’s world renowned arts and culture and healthcare assets have long been a source of great pride; delivering excellence, innovation and service to our communities. And now, more than ever before, those assets are joining forces, using creativity to deliver positive personal and community health outcomes to the region and beyond. So many thanks to all of you, who attended on October 29 and 30 as we explored how the fusion of arts and healthcare in Cleveland can be a more powerful force for shaping our lives and our communities. 


Arts Cleveland offered 12 continuing education credits (6 credits per conference day) to Psychologists and Counselors. These credits are registered through the Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services Department. Participants:

  1. have greater understanding of how they may advocate for arts integration in health practices.
  2. developed partnerships with arts and health providers to maximize skill sets with the goal to provide exceptional care to patients.
  3. are able to incorporate arts-based empathy strategies into their work with the aim to provide comprehensive care to patients.
  4. networked with peers to learn about local, state and national best-practice approaches to their work.
Creative Minds in Medicine Conference

For background information on the arts and healthcare in Cleveland, please see Creative Minds in Medicine: A Cleveland Creative Intersection.