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Collaborative Marketing Database

Shared opportunities.

As we advance with technology; as our economic landscape shifts, we have seen collaborative projects changing everything from basic ideas to entire organizations. Collaboration is more than sharing content. It’s about bringing ideas together, pooling resources and feeding off of one another’s energy to shape new theories and practices.

Arts Cleveland’s Collaborative Marketing Database began in 2007. It was developed with this idea at its core. Seeing each other as partners instead of competitors, members of the Collaborative learned more about their audiences and grew their consumer bases. With this tool at their side, organizations could strategically explore and test marketing assumptions, pool resources to reach wider audience segments, identify shared markets and better understand household arts-consumer behavior.

Elliott Marketing Group operated the database. They worked with each participating organization to design, carry out and evaluate promotions.  The Collaborative was self-governed by participating organizations. Members agreed on a set of operating principles, and Arts Cleveland served as the intermediary for the project. 

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Made possible with the support of

The Cleveland Foundation, The George Gund Foundation, The John P. Murphy Foundation, The Kulas Foundation and The William J. and Dorothy K. O’Neill Foundation.

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