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Advocacy Training

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In a presentation to a group of greater Cleveland’s leading arts and culture professionals, Kelly Barsdate of the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies said, “Nonprofits not only have the ability to advocate, but they have the obligation to do so.”

These Advocacy Training sessions provide you with the tools, resources and coaching to do just that. Schedule an on-site session for your organization’s board, staff and volunteers to gain skills as arts and culture champions. Our approach provides you with solid principals and techniques that allow you to take immediate action within your organization and community. Each session is geared for both novice and expert. Whether you need a crash course or are looking for a refresher, these sessions will provide you with the confidence you need to move your mission forward.

participants will learn

  • The policy landscape in greater Cleveland
  • Policy achievements of arts and culture efforts in greater Cleveland
  • Public sentiment toward arts and culture in greater Cleveland and messages that resonate
  • The regulations surrounding nonprofit advocacy and lobbying
  • Organizing your team and board to support advocacy efforts
  • Building relationships with policy makers
  • Maintaining communications

Contact Arts Cleveland with questions and to schedule a meeting with your board and staff

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