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Artist as an Entrepreneur Institute

Welcome to the Artist as an Entrepreneur Institute

Make your passion your business.

Creative professionals are redefining what it means to be an artist. They are taking action, building networks, investing in neighborhoods and sparking excitement in the city.

To support these visionaries who view themselves as more than entertainers, the Artist as an Entrepreneur Institute (AEI) offers a method for constructing a complementary set of skills. AEI is an artist-focused course designed to give you the tools you need to hone your business savvy.  The course covers all aspects of developing your creative business, from marketing to bookkeeping and accounting.  Learn how to identify and develop your personal brand, understand your market, raise capital and protect your work legally. Build connections as you meet area business professionals and local artists who will share their success stories with you and tell you what it really takes to get your business moving.

AEI is a four-part series, with 24 total hours of instruction and workshop time. Participants receive a comprehensive resource book that includes worksheets, presentations, readings and resources. Recognizing that your learning style may be different from the artist next to you, the session formats include a mix of lectures, panels, group discussions and practical exercises. AEI is now presented locally by Summit Artspace (formerly Akron Area Arts Alliance) and nationally by the Broward County Cultural Division.

As a supplement to the in-person course and to provide open access to artist business resources, AEI resources are available online. With videos, activities and templates, access the resource in your own time, at your own pace.

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