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Planning Convo Super Summary: Arts Funding

In February 2018, CPAC held four planning conversations to connect with the arts and culture field and ask them for help in setting priorities for our work. Below is a quick overview of what we heard at the Funding  planning convo on 3-1-18. To let us know what you think in a survey, click on the link to your right.

What does the funding landscape look like in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County?

  • Arts and culture relies on more monetary sources than just public sector funding. The full picture is made up of a variety of sources including private grants, individual giving, corporate support, earned revenue and in-kind support
  • The arts and culture ecosystem expands beyond small, medium and large arts and culture non-profit organizations. It also includes artists of all disciplines, arts based for-profit businesses and community-based arts groups
  • The arts and culture sector is not as financially stable as the revenue data CPAC presented would suggest

What kind of funding assets do we have for arts and culture?

  • Strength, longevity and history of local arts and cultural institutions
  • Strength, longevity and history of dedicated arts funding sources
  • Long-time local foundation support for the arts
  • Strong arts and culture advocacy
  • Public sector funding for the arts
  • Financial savvy of artists and arts and culture non-profits and businesses

What are your biggest funding challenges and frustrations?

Public Sector Funding for the Arts
This valuable tax source is declining and major changes are needed in order to sustain it. Skepticism exists around both the source of the tax and the managing agency

Funder frustrations
Organizations and artists are experiencing an increase in difficulty obtaining much needed money from funders. More pressures are being placed on programming and data requirements

Limited funding sources
Money for arts and culture comes from a limited supply of sources. There is a desire to rely less on the granting model

The metrics needed to secure funding are often difficult to generate and obtain for organizations and artists

There is a lack of collaboration between arts organizations and businesses of all sizes and individuals. Many would like to see more unity in the arts and culture ecosystem

Declining philanthropy
A changing culture of philanthropic giving and increased financial pressures on younger generations result in a difficulty in individual giving. There is too much reliance on wealthy donors within a declining economy

Where should CPAC focus?

  •      Identify a new public funding source
  •      Research on neighborhood arts investments and who is getting funding from where in arts and culture
  •      Improve the public opinion of arts and culture
  •      Create a database for artists to find grants

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