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Planning Convo Super Summary: Cultural Policy

In February 2018, CPAC held four planning conversations to connect with the arts and culture field and ask them for help in setting priorities for our work. Below is a quick overview of what we heard at the Cultural Policy planning convo on 2-22-18. To let us know what you think in a survey, click on the link to your right.

What does the cultural policy landscape look like in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County?

  • A number of local government policy initiatives are already in place that support arts and culture
  • Local organizations and arts districts are leading advocacy efforts to support arts and culture
  • There are perceptions that city and county government is fragmented and that the current political leadership lacks interest in cultural policy
  • Concerns exist about cuts to funding and the sustainability of smaller arts and cultural organizations

What kind of arts and cultural policy assets do we have?

  • Public sector funding for the arts
  • A high number of quality arts and cultural institutions
  • Strong arts and culture advocates (both city public officials and residents)
  • Many free arts and cultural programs, events and institutions

What are your biggest challenges and frustrations in cultural policy?

No “Big Picture”
There is a lack of unity in the arts and culture sector and too many groups working separately from one another

Fragmented local government
A disjointed city and county government make it hard to have collective policy agendas around arts and culture

There is not enough data and facts to illustrate the positive impact arts and culture has on quality of life

Competition for funds, chasing funds and a declining arts and culture excise tax all contribute to money concerns

Too many arts and cultural organizations, programming, events and activities means heavy competition for survival

Inclusivity and diversity
Efforts supporting arts and culture need to include people, collectives, organizations and businesses of all types

Where should CPAC focus?

  •      Develop the “big regional arts and culture picture” and strategic plan
  •      Develop better research tools to demonstrate the impact of arts and culture
  •      Secure financial stability for public sector funding for the arts
  •      Build a coalition for advocacy and support for arts and culture public funding
  •      Make connections between public officials and the arts and culture field

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