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Planning Convo Super Summary: Arts Learning

In February 2018, CPAC held four planning conversations to connect with the arts and culture field and ask them for help in setting priorities for our work. Below is a quick overview of what we heard at the Arts Learning planning convo on 2-8-18. To let us know what you think in a survey, click on the link to your right.

What does the arts learning landscape look like in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County?

  • Key players in arts learning include more than just institutions and individuals. Social issues, such as racism and a top-down approach to education, play a critical role in shaping arts learning outcomes
  • There is a clear need to define the scope of CPAC’s arts learning work: what youth, whose culture and where geographically
  • There is a need to differentiate between community-based arts learning and school-based arts learning (CMSD, other school districts and community programs/organizations)

What kind of arts learning assets do we have?

  • An adaptable, flexible and long-lasting arts learning sector
  • A high volume of high-quality artists and professionals serving youth in the area
  • A number of youth voices beginning to join arts learning discussions
  • Collaboration happening both within arts learning and with other sectors

What are your biggest challenges and frustrations in arts learning?

Racial equity
There’s a lack of balance. Leadership in arts learning isn’t racially or socially representative of the community it serves 

Funding and resources are spread thin for both in school arts programs and community-based programs

Collaboration and communication
The arts learning sector operates in a segmented way. They need to unify and get better about linking up with other sectors

Equitable access
Not all youth have equal access to quality arts education and programming and they should

Youth voices
The voices of young people need to be more integral in the conversations about their own programming

Access to reliable, safe transportation is a barrier to students readily participating in arts programming

Where should CPAC focus?

  •      Conduct research and studies that illustrate the benefit of arts learning
  •      Help the sector talk about and use that research to bolster arts education
  •      Develop and arts learning intermediary or coalition
  •      Work to find solutions to systemic social issues that affect arts learning
  •      Develop a youth coalition to advocate for arts education
  •      Work to increase equitable access to arts and culture for youth locally

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