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Hough Mural, Cleveland, Ohio


About Us


Mission & Plans


To advance the arts and culture community in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County.


Every resident values arts and culture as an essential part of personal and community quality of life.

what we believe

The source of arts and culture in any community is its people—all its people. The people who produce arts and culture are as important as the work they create and present. 

Every self-identifying group of people has a unique history and set of traditions in arts and culture.  All communities thrive when all of those groups and traditions are recognized, represented, appreciated, and supported.

Arts and culture is made and distributed in myriad ways in a variety of contexts that connect to form an ecosystem. An arts and cultural ecosystem flourishes when all artists and art-producing organizations are recognized as equally-valued contributors to the arts and cultural life of the region and are supported accordingly.

A strong arts and cultural ecosystem is a unique community asset that contributes constructively to personal and societal health. It is a valuable partner in addressing community challenges and a vital contributor to every community’s development and wellbeing.

A vibrant arts and cultural ecosystem relies upon strong public and private sector partnerships that support arts and culture substantively through financial investment and research-based policymaking.

The strength of an arts and cultural ecosystem is contingent upon the community’s appreciation, participation and engagement with it.   

our values

Informed Decision-making– we make decisions based on verifiable data

Innovative Paradigms– we pursue new ways of viewing and understanding issues

Servant Leadership– we put those we serve before ourselves

Steadfast Integrity– we act in good faith and let the facts speak for themselves

Uncompromising Accountability– we hold each other and ourselves to the commitments we make

Responsible Stewardship– we take great care with community resources

Thoughtful Collaboration– we seek mutual benefit among those with whom we work


Secure Additional Sustainable Revenue for the Arts and Culture Sector

Strengthen the Arts and Culture Learning Landscape

Develop Cultural Policies with Local Governments

Increase Public Participation in Arts and Culture

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