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Hough Mural, Cleveland, Ohio


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From Rust Belt to Artist Belt

From Rust Belt to Artist Belt

Across the Rust Belt, artists are changing the fabric of America’s great industrial cities. From St. Louis to Cleveland to Buffalo, our arts communities are developing new models for what the industrial Midwest can become … an urban laboratory for building creative, equitable and sustainable communities in the 21st century.

Creative Minds in Medicine Conference

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Greater Cleveland’s world renowned arts and culture and healthcare assets have long been a source of great pride; delivering excellence, innovation and service to our communities. And now, more than ever before, those assets are joining forces, using creativity to deliver positive personal and community health outcomes to the region and beyond.

Audience Matters

Audience Matters

Technological advancements. Demographic changes. Generational shifts. The world has changed dramatically, presenting new challenges and opportunities for arts and culture sector advancement. On June 6th, 2011, we explored how the arts and culture field can respond to the demands of this ever-changing environment.