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New Arts Alliance Will Give United Voice to Northeast Ohio’s Arts Community

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Reopening Guidance for Live Music Venues Now Available

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Accessibility in Cleveland's Arts and Culture

What we do

We work to improve the support systems for creative businesses, cultural organizations, independent artists and everyone in between.

Why we do it

Because the arts change lives and communities.

We are an...

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We’re an advocate and a champion for arts and culture. We work to make sure that influencers and policy makers keep the arts top-of-mind in all of their decision making.

Arts and culture is essential. It’s central to our region’s identity and economy. It’s a significant contributor to the well-being of ourselves and our communities. And so, it needs a champion.

Arts advocacy is about influencing the systems at play. It’s about shifting overall attitudes about arts and culture from passive appreciation to active investment. It’s about embedding the arts into the values our community holds. Systems-level change is often slow and requires persistence and tenacity. You may not experience the results of this work until years later. But the advocacy of today is creating future partners, developing government proponents for the arts and building deep regional support for the role of arts and culture in everyday life and in every life. 

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We’re an ally with arts and culture professionals. We link artists and arts and culture organizations to each other and to knowledge, skills, resources and networks they need to fan their creative spark.

Arts and culture doesn’t exist without its creators. We can’t experience it without presenters. And it can’t be presented without resources — human, financial and physical. All those players need support and connections, and we’re here to provide just that.

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We’re an ambassador for the arts and culture sector. We actively unite the arts community and facilitate connections between it and other sectors to fuel the creative power of our region.

Some of our region’s strongest developmental and financial assets can be made even stronger when combined with the power of our creative sector, even in the most unexpected places. Arts make our community safer, our health systems more effective and our neighborhoods more livable. We provide a high-level perspective and vision to fortify the connections between the arts and culture sector and other sectors. 

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